Sunday, August 21, 2011


Oh the fun we have had!  We enjoyed time off with Curt between summer school. I am sure I will miss so much but oh well. Here’s what our family has been up to…

Claire … the next Danika Patrick?  We went to a fun arcade and played played played. Sorry no more pictures of this because we were so busy playing we didn’t get any. :)

Claire and her friend Braden at our awesome pool. It is a few blocks from our house so we have spent a lot of time there!
Claire and Andrew on their first carousel ride. They loved it! Curt and I got dizzy! :)

THIS IS OUR TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS! Awesome! We didn’t get to see Harry Connick Jr. but it was still a great trip. :)

It was not cold at all but Claire would not take this jacket off even though she was sweating like crazy! Andrew was a little champ. He was so good the whole trip. He is pretty much good all the time!
SAM_0645 SAM_0647 SAM_0649
SAM_0677 SAM_0681 SAM_0686
This is the Mississippi River! We took a steam boat up the river and back. It was so neat. We loved all the history and character there is to New Orleans.
On our way back to Houston we stopped at a plantation. It was so neat to hear the history of the place and to see a glimpse of what life was like before slavery was abolished.  It made me so grateful for the positive strides we have made as humans and saddened me to think that people could behave like that and think it was ok.

SAM_0780 SAM_0783 Fun with friends. These are Claire’s friends Carson and Addison. We get together once a week for a study group for us moms and the kids play. It is wonderful to have such great friends. Sidney wasn’t there that day but we will have to get a picture of her because she is just too cute to leave out!!
We also got to visit UTAH this summer! It was so fun to see our family. It was fast and busy. Sadly we weren’t able to see everyone and do everything we wanted while there but it was so enjoyable. We were so blessed to be together with all of my family for the first time in a long time.
 SAM_0843 SAM_0844
SAM_0846 SAM_0845 Claire LOVED her cousins, and she loved jumping on the trampoline. She was in heaven. What cute kids. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family!
I have another camera that has more pictures on it, as soon as I find it, I will add the rest of our Utah trip and Claire’s birthday party.
When we came back from Utah we brought with us…
SAM_0892 EMMA!! My adorable niece. She is so awesome. We had such a blast with her. Curt and I also were able to enjoy a few dates since we had such a great babysitter around. Claire and Andrew loved having her here. Claire followed her around like a shadow. It was so cute.
While Emma was here. We did lots of fun stuff. We played. We went to the pool.  We shopped. We went to NASA.  We watched movies.  We went to the Air Force Base in San Antonio. We went to Sea World. We just had a blast with her. She is such a fun girl full of a lot of personality.
I will hopefully find that other camera soon so I can post the rest of our pictures. We also have been working on a lot of awesome projects so that will be a post all in itself.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



DSCN4549 DSCN4510 DSCN4575   DSCN4571DSCN4520


We love you so much!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Making serving more fun!

Confession: I have a slight obsession with serving trays and platters. 

Every tray I have is just that, a tray, so I really wanted something that was fun, unique and had some height. So I found some plates that I loved and made them into cute tiered serving plates. I am having several get together’s  soon and I am so excited to use them.

This first one is more fun and colorful. I love the flower plate on top. Isn’t it so cute!!

 DSCN4552 DSCN4556 

This next one is more classic and a little more formal. I love the square plate in the middle and the bowl on the top plate. I LOVE black and white so of course I fell in love with this pattern. Can you picture strawberries and lots of fruit on this with some yummy dip on top. I sure can. PRETTY!

 DSCN4558 DSCN4563

This last one was a cool candle stick I found and was going to do something else with it. But then I found this big blue glass charger and loved the dark sparkly blue with the black. (The plate is sparkly if you can’t tell.) I am not 100% on this so I haven’t glued it together. What do you think? Keep it or use them for something else.


The treats on this tray are Oreo cookies dipped in brownie batter and baked with white chocolate drizzle. The drizzle didn’t turn out the best because I didn’t melt the chocolate enough and I was impatient with it, oh well.  Everyone at game night tonight loved them!

If you have any suggestions or ideas LEAVE A COMMENT!!! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I never thought I would say this but,


I love learning new things. There are so many people around me who do such amazing things, I couldn’t help it but to try a little myself. I love seeing what talents people have. I am so amazed at what they come up with and how it turns out. SO…..

Here are a few thing I have been working on:


This is a super fun Easter Peep Topiary. I think this is the only thing peeps are good for. :)



Shoe rack to ribbon holder!


“UPCYCLING” No this does not mean riding your bicycle up a steep incline. It is the word for taking something that you don’t us and reusing it for a neat purpose. I hated digging through my box of ribbons and having them all unravel and tangle so this makes it easy to see what I have and to keep them organized.


I have had these scraps of fabric samples sitting around for so long. I have been in love with this fabric ever since I found out I was having a girl. But at $25 a yard I ended up just having to make flowers for Claire’s hair. The pictures do not do these justice. They are so cute!


I have  been making a lot of bows and sadly I just gave a bunch of them to a friend who is having a baby girl in a couple of weeks and I didn’t get picture of them. These are the only ones I got pictures of.

DSCN4493 DSCN4504

Last but not least my first ever wreath. I wanted something that looked like spring and that could carry through the summer. I always leave my fall wreath up through the winter because I don’t have a winter or Christmas one. So maybe I will have to see about making a winter one. This was super fun to make.

DSCN4494 DSCN4500 DSCN4501


Oh and I made these rings and gave them to my new gal pals because they came and crafted with me one night. At least this time all of our talking was productive.


And because I love my babies so much I have to throw in a few pictures of them.

DSCN4457 DSCN4427

This is what happens when you hang out with girls all day.


Poor Andrew.


I guess he isn’t too mad at us.

DSCN4436 DSCN4441 DSCN4442 DSCN4443 DSCN4445

Claire was going crazy. Maybe Andrew pulled her hair. He was probably getting back at her for playing dress up on him.


Oh and I made that flower in Claire’s hair.

DSCN4454 DSCN4456

Sweet baby boy. I love my kids so much!